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There is No Absolute Truth - Jack Honeycutt   MP3 You have Plenty of Time - Jack Honeycutt   MP3
Don't Judge Me - Jack Honeycutt   MP3 All Roads Lead to Heaven - Jack Honeycutt   MP3
One Church is Just as Good as Another - Jack Honeycutt   MP3 Grace Covers my Disobedience - Jack Honeycutt   MP3
Popular Denominational Beliefs - Randy Kea  MP3 The Difference Between the C/C and other Religious Groups - Randy Kea  MP3
Premillennial Fallacies - Randy Kea (2018)  MP3 Pentecostal Fallacies - Randy Kea  MP3
The Church as Presented in Ephesians - Randy Kea  MP3 The Great Falling Away (Apostacy) - Randy Kea  MP3
Heaven is NOT on Earth -3 (1Cor.15)  Garland Robinson Heaven is NOT on Earth -4 (2 Pet.3) Garland Robinson
Heaven is NOT on Earth -1  Garland Robinson Heaven is NOT on Earth -2  Garland Robinson
The Second Coming -- Garland Robinson COME, the Lord's Great Invitation -- Garland Robinson
God's All Seeing Eye -- Garland Robinson Tomorrow May be Too Late -- Garland Robinson
Back to the Bible -- B. J. Clarke   MP3 Back to the Basics of Life -- B. J. Clarke   MP3
Back to the Cross of Christ -- B. J. Clarke   MP3 Back to the Church you Read about in the Bible -- BJ   MP3
Back to the Way that is Right and Cannot be Wrong - BJ MP3   Prepared for the Future -- B. J. Clarke   MP3
The Holy Spirit & His Work -- Randy Kea     MP3 Last Things -- Randy Kea    MP3
Certainty in a Day of Doubt -- Randy Kea    MP3 The Bible Church -- Randy Kea    MP3
The King James Version (Best in English) #1 -- Randy Kea     MP3    PDF The King James Version (Best in English) #2 -- Randy Kea    MP3
The Way of Holiness -- John Shannon Church Membership & Being Saved -- John Shannon
Paul Preached in Corinth -- John Shannon The Pope Versus the Christ -- John Shannon
Do Your Best -- John Shannon God Wants All Men to be Saved -- John Shannon
Give Thanks -- James Boyd   Salvation by the Blood of Christ -- James Boyd  
What the Church IS -- Garland Robinson   What the Church is NOT #1 -- Garland Robinson  
What the Church is NOT #2 -- Garland Robinson   What the Church is NOT #3 -- Garland Robinson  
What the Church is NOT #4 -- Garland Robinson    
The Rich Young Ruler -- Garland Robinson   Principles Taught in the Home -- Garland Robinson  
Calvinism: Perseverance of the Saints -- Garland Robinson   
Calvinism: Limited Atonement -- Garland Robinson   Calvinism: Irresistible Grace -- Garland Robinson  
Calvinism: Total Heredity Depravity -- Garland Robinson   Calvinism: Unconditional Election -- Garland Robinson  
The Deep-Seated Monster (Our Feelings) -- Victor Eskew Just Say This... -- Victor Eskew
We Have Not Left God Out -- Victor Eskew Post-Modern Thinking -- Victor Eskew
The Power of One -- Victor Eskew
Overview of Premillennialism -- Ronnie Whittemore Consequences of Premillennialism -- Ronnie Whittemore
Designations of the Kingdom -- Ronnie Whittemore The Completed Work of Jesus -- Ronnie Whittemore
The Everlasting Kingdom -- Ronnie Whittemore, Nov/2015
Drugs: Lighter Substances (Tobacco, Marijuana, Alcohol) Tom House Drugs: The Harder Substances -- Tom House
Drugs: Unspotted from the World -1  Tom House Drugs: Unspotted from the World -2  Tom House

Drugs: Be Not Conformed to this World   Tom House
6/8 Lessons from the Stars -- Bill Boyd The Bible View of Alcohol -- Bryan Pitts
 5/25  Rewards for Serving God: Spiritual -- G.Robinson Rewards for Serving God: Physical  -- G.Robinson
 5/18/14  The Rich Man & Lazarus
 1/19/14  Blessed are the Meek -- G.Robinson  
 1/12/14  Blessed are they that Mourn -- G.Robinson The Work of Christ -- Garland Robinson 
 1/5/14  Blessed are the Poor in Spirit -- G.Robinson Emotion in Religion -- Garland Robinson 
 12/29/13  "Before" and "After" -- Garland Robinson Think on these Things #4: Good Report,Virtue, Praise
12/22/13  Saved by His Blood -- Garland Robinson  Think on these Things #3: Pure, Lovely -- G.Robinson
12/15/13  Water: God's Dividing Line -- G.Robinson
Think on these Things #2: Just -- G.Robinson 
 12/8/13  Questions on Christmas -- Garland Robinson Think on these Things #1: True, Honest -- G.Robinson 
12/1/13  Stand Still & see Salvation  -- Garland Robinson Love One Another #2 -- Garland Robinson 
 11/24/13  The End Will Come (Matt 24) -- G.Robinson Lone One Another #1 -- Garland Robinson 
11/17/13  Forsaking the Assembling -- G.Robinson
11/8/13  Atheism's Classifications -- Alan Adams   (Nov 2013) 11/9/13   Our God, He is Alive -- Sidney White
11/10/13   Atheism's Contradictions -- Alan Adams 11/10/13   Atheism's Creator -- Alan Adams
11/10/13   Atheism's Cure -- Alan Adams  
 11/3/13  Be Faithful #1 -- Garland Robinson Be Faithful #2  -- Garland Robinson 
 10/27/13   Barriers to Heaven -- Garland Robinson Why we should Watch -- Garland Robinson 
 10/20/13   The Way of Cain -- Garland Robinson  
 10/13/13   Are You Pleasing God? -- G.Robinson Things in Heaven we Enjoy Now -- G.Robinson 
 10/6/13  The Universal Need of Salvation #1 -- J.Boyd The Universal Need of Salvation #2 -- Jim Boyd 
 9/29/13  Forgiveness -- G.Robinson Adorning the Doctrine of God -- G.Robinson 
 9/22/13  Must One be Member of C/C be saved? -- J.Boyd Christ Jesus, His Mission -- Jim Boyd 
 9/15/13  Sobering Certainties #2 -- G.Robinson
 9/8/13  Sobering Certainties #1 -- Garland Robinson Beware -- Garland Robinson 
 9/1/13  What Must I Do to be Saved? -- G.Robinson  Benefits Toward Me -- G.Robinson
8/25/13  Sin of Sodom: Homosexuality -- G.Robinson The Real Enemy -- G.Robinson
8/18/13   What it Means to be IN Christ -- G.Robinson Filling the Void in One's Life -- Brian Pitts
8/11/13   Water Baptism -- Garland Robinson Every Idle Word  -- G.Robinson
8/4/13  Predestination -- Garland Robinson Did Alexander Campbell start the Church of Christ? -- G.R.
7/28013  Great Statements of Jesus -- Jim Boyd What Makes Jesus Different -- Jim Boyd
7/21013   Exhortation -- Stanley Clendenon
4/17  The Transformed Life -- John Grubb  
 4/16 Setbacks in Life -- John Grubb The Example of Moses in Dealing with Life's Problems 
4/14  The Cause of Life's Problems -- John Grubb Ways to Deal with Life's Problems -- John Grubb 

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